PSUDOKU / Parlamentarisk Sodomi split LP

It was only a matter of time travel before this became inevitable. Coincidences of space-time anomalies and political outrage have led to a split LP between these two one man bands created by the same person. On this release, the two bands have opposite approaches to extreme music – progressive and regressive.

If PSUDOKU’s previous album Deep Space Psudokument had a third side, this would be it. On Report From the 10th Dimension, futuristic 70s progressive grind is once again consolidated with surf rock and electronic classical. Prepare for raging interstellar speed and dense musical information overload.

The Parlamentarisk Sodomi side is entitled Demo 2018 and is the first PS demo since 2007. This is 11 crude, straightforward and fast hc/grind/noise tunes partially recorded on cassette.

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Parlamentarisk Sodomi – Krig mot Norge 7″ EP

To be released in August 2018 on Snack Ohm Tapes (NO), DEAF DEATH HUSKY Records (FR) and SuperFi Records (UK).

On side A of this 7″ EP there are 5 heavy hardcore punk/grind tracks. On side B there are an unknown number of noisegrind songs grouped into 10 tracks. Just like on the 2017 split 7″ EP with Gynekologene, this is Parlamentarisk Sodomi as a duo, with Hålgård Kalverud on vocals.

The main themes of this release are nuclear war, cannibalism during nuclear war, sports during nuclear war, as well as sexual deviance and disease (for instance diarrhea) among politicians and other powerful people.

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Order here:

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Brutal Blues appears on Norwegian TV

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Released August 2017 by Snack Ohm Tapes (NO), Lukket Avdeling Records (NO), Deaf Death Husky Records (FR) and Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records (FR).
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BRUTAL BLUES at Fluff Fest, Milhões de Festa, Chimpyfest 2017

July 21: Rokycany, Czech Republic – Fluff Fest

July 22: Barcelos, Portugal – Milhões de Festa

August 13: London, UK – Chimpyfest



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10 track LP coming in 2018.

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The development of futuristic 70s progressive grind continues, and this time surf rock, doom and electronic classical is incorporated. This is progressive grind that has time travelled backwards an entire year from the future.

01. KCultraVIII_8000 (1:50)
02. KATASTROFALEjusteringer (4:45)
03. hq_[LQ] (2:26)
04. spaceBURIEALiz_9 (1:57)
05. ZpRNVphNtz (2:46)
06. TODesprog_3000 (2:06)
07. KRISEzettinx.PCM (3:42)
08. EDB-doom (2:09)
09. KOSMISQUE_trapp (3:35)

Total 25:16


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Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Norway

Wed Aug 31: Arvika, Sweden – Wilmas Musikpub
Fri Sep 2: Tampere, Finland – Onkiniemi
Sat Sep 3: Tallinn, Estonia – Snakehouse
Sun Sep 4: Riga, Latvia – Nabaklab
Mon Sep 5: Vilnius, Lithuania – XI 20
Tue Sep 6: Minsk, Belarus – Club Ili
Wed Sep 7: Grodno, Belarus – Parnas
Thu Sep 8: Warszawa, Poland – ADA Puławska
Fri Sep 9: Poznań, Poland – LAS
Sat Sep 10: Berlin, Germany – Fleshstival
Sun Sep 11: Copenhagen, Denmark – Loppen
Mon Sep 12: Gothenburg, Sweden – Skjul Fyra Sex
Tue Sep 13: Reykjavik, Iceland – Dillon
Wed Sep 14: Reykjavik, Iceland – house show
Thu Sep 15: Oslo, Norway – Blitz
Fri Sep 16: Bergen, Norway – Bergen Kjøtt
Sat Sep 17: Stavanger, Norway – Consul80

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Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
Fri Apr 29: Rotterdam, Netherlands – WORM (w/ Sick Of Stupidity, My Minds Mine)
Sat Apr 30: Amsterdam, Netherlands – Butcher’s Tears
Sun May 1: Wuustwezel, Belgium – Posthuis (w/ Valve, Onanizer)
Mon May 2: Brussels, Belgium – Magasin 4 (w/ Art Of Burning Water)
Thu May 3: Lille, France – La Malterie
Wed May 4: Antwerp, Belgium – Music City (w/ Yudlugar, Mulk, Skull Vomit)
Thu May 5: Maastricht, Netherlands – Landbouwbelang (w/ Art Of Burning Water)
Fri May 6: Basel, Switzerland – Schwarze Erle
Sat May 7: Delemont, Switzerland – Grinding Delemont Festival
Sun May 8: Geneva, Switzerland – Cave 12 (w/ Horacio Pollard)
Mon May 9: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – LAC (w/ Horacio Pollard)
Tue May 10: Tübingen, Germany – Epplehaus
Thu May 12: Linz, Austria – Kapu (w/ Atta)
Fri May 13: Kroměříž, Czech Republic – Fčelka Pub
Sat May 14: Budweis, Czech Republic – Velbloud
Sun May 15: Bratislava, Slovakia – Fuga (w/ 0N0)
Mon May 16: Budapest, Hungary – DRRPNC (w/ Protoplazma)
Tue May 17: Lovčica-Trubín, Slovakia – Pohoda Pub (w/ Sedem Minút Strachu, Massola)
Wed May 18: Ostrava, Czech Republic – Plan B
Thu May 19: Pardubice, Czech Republic – DUB Art Gallery
Fri May 20: Czech Republic – TBA
Sat May 21: Prague, Czech Republic – 007
Sun May 22: Berlin, Germany – ACUD


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