Parlamentarisk Sodomi – Krig mot Norge 7″ EP

To be released in August 2018 on Snack Ohm Tapes (NO), DEAF DEATH HUSKY Records (FR) and SuperFi Records (UK).

On side A of this 7″ EP there are 5 heavy hardcore punk/grind tracks. On side B there are an unknown number of noisegrind songs grouped into 10 tracks. Just like on the 2017 split 7″ EP with Gynekologene, this is Parlamentarisk Sodomi as a duo, with Hålgård Kalverud on vocals.

The main themes of this release are nuclear war, cannibalism during nuclear war, sports during nuclear war, as well as sexual deviance and disease (for instance diarrhea) among politicians and other powerful people.

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