Norway, 2006: An unbelievably creepy coalition regime of unsexy centralist parties fumble through their responsibilities with brainsmashing recklessness – not unlike a drunk, puking punk attempting to masturbate – leaving the population astonished with threats of horrible war, annihilated infants, tedious bureaucracy and really bad sex. In an attempt to rectify these bitch-like conditions, a grindcore band named Parlamentarisk Sodomi is formed, not only to reprimand soiled, abused freedoms, not only to administrate true Norwegian sodomy , but to kinkify the future with indecent rethoric, politically correct power chords and semen drenched no-confidence votes.
Parlamentarisk Sodomi is a very vaguely organized lobbyist guerrilla surrounded by puzzling myth and infamy. Papirmøllen, the band’s only member, rarely appears in public, if so usually to throw dildos and pornographic manifests at local politicians. Being highly ambitious, this sicko has taken it upon himself to soil and redefine the very foundations of parliamentarism, voting, freedom and buttsex.
The hippies, poets, philosophers, political science students and drunkards who constitute Parlamentarisk Sodomi’s fanbase are hornily awaiting the next Parlamentarisk Sodomi release. Fjords, forests and glaciers worldwide are trembling with fear. Fuck all systems at the same time!










Har Du Sagt ”A” Får Du Si ”Nal” LP Cylindrical Habitat Modules 2008
Har Du Sagt ”A” Får Du Si ”Nal” CD No Escape Records 2008
Har Du Sagt ”A” Får Du Si ”Nal” MC Revulsion Records 2009
De Anarkistiske An(n)aler LP 625 Thrashcore/Crucificados Pelo Sistema 2009
De Anarkistiske An(n)aler CD Haunted Hotel Records 2012
De Anarkistiske An(n)aler MC Revulsion Records 2010
Regnskog, Fred Og Vegetarmat 7” EP 625 Thrashcore/Crucificados Pelo Sistema 2009
Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Blodsprut split 7” EP Crucificados Pelo Sistema 2010
Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Laserguys split 7” EP Grind Block Records 2011
Parlamentarisk Sodomi/BxSxRx split LP  [buy] Haunted Hotel Records 2017
Parlamentarisk Sodomi/BxSxRx split MC  [buy] Grindfather Productions 2016
Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Gynekologene split 7” EP [buy] Snack Ohm Tapes, Lukket Avdeling, Deaf Death Husky, Nuclear Alcoholocaust 2017
Krig mot Norge 7” EP [buy] Snack Ohm Tapes, Deaf Death Husky, SuperFi Records 2018
Parlamentarisk Sodomi/PSUDOKU split LP [buy] Selfmadegod Records 2019