SPACE (THE FINAL FRONTIER) IN THE FUTURE (2021): A rift in the space-time continuum opens up a wormhole in Trondheim, Norway. The local political one-man grindcore band Parlamentarisk Sodomi disappears into a higher dimension, warping directly into an alternate world line where the band (now called PSUDOKU) records music from the future. Using 2021 technology, this music is continuously sent back in time to our age, 2020. A chain of sub-space events are occuring in a parallell multiverse. BOOOOOOM.


Format Label Year
Space Grind LP   [buy] 625 Thrashcore/Crucificados Pelo Sistema 2011
Space Grind CD   [buy] Torture Garden Picture Company 2011
Space Grind MC Revulsion Records 2010
Planetarisk Sudoku LP   [buy] 625 Thrashcore/Crucificados Pelo Sistema/Nerve Altar 2014
Planetarisk Sudoku CD   [buy] Selfmadegod Records 2017
Planetarisk Sudoku MC   [buy] Drid Machine Records 2014
Deep Space Psudokument LP   [buy] Behind The Mountain Records 2017
Deep Space Psudokument CD   [buy] Selfmadegod Records 2017
Deep Space Psudokument MC   [buy] Drid Machine Records 2017
PSUDOKU/Parlamentarisk Sodomi split LP [buy] Selfmadegod Records 2019