Are you ready for 100% authentic deluxe delta blues from Mississippi? Too bad, because Brutal Blues is a grind band from Norway. This duo consists of Steinar (PSUDOKU, Parlamentarisk Sodomi) on guitar/vocals and Anders (Clifford Torus, MoHa!, Noxagt, Ultralyd) on drums/vocals. They play modern and raw grind optimal for most situations.

Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany

Booking: deathicbooking at zkam dot org

Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands

Available releases:
Brutal Blues 12″
Brutal Blues MCD
 Various Artists – Drid Machine LP


“It sounds like the end of music.”
“This is one of the best records that I’ve heard all year. Wow, just a slap in the face. I’m not worthy!”
“Violent, addictive, shocking and destabilizing. One of the best records of the year, no doubt.”
“Will make you smile while simultaneously leaving you scratching your head in confusion.”
“Wow! And what the FUCK? Recommended!”



Jul 21: Rokycany, Czech Republic – Fluff Fest
Jul 22: Barcelos, Portugal – Milhões de Festa
Aug 13: London, UK – Chimpyfest


Wed Aug 31: Arvika, Sweden – Wilmas Musikpub
Fri Sep 2: Tampere, Finland – Onkiniemi
Sat Sep 3: Tallinn, Estonia – Snakehouse
Sun Sep 4: Riga, Latvia – Nabaklab
Mon Sep 5: Vilnius, Lithuania – XI 20
Tue Sep 6: Minsk, Belarus – Club Ili
Wed Sep 7: Grodno, Belarus – Parnas
Thu Sep 8: Warszawa, Poland – ADA Puławska
Fri Sep 9: Poznań, Poland – LAS
Sat Sep 10: Berlin, Germany – Fleshstival
Sun Sep 11: Copenhagen, Denmark – Loppen
Mon Sep 12: Gothenburg, Sweden – Skjul Fyra Sex
Tue Sep 13: Reykjavik, Iceland – Dillon
Wed Sep 14: Reykjavik, Iceland – house show
Thu Sep 15: Oslo, Norway – Blitz
Fri Sep 16: Bergen, Norway – Bergen Kjøtt
Sat Sep 17: Stavanger, Norway – Consul80

All dates with Sete Star Sept (JP)



Fri Apr 29: Rotterdam, Netherlands – WORM (w/ Sick Of Stupidity, My Minds Mine)
Sat Apr 30: Amsterdam, Netherlands – Butcher’s Tears
Sun May 1: Wuustwezel, Belgium – Posthuis
Mon May 2: Brussels, Belgium – Magasin 4 (w/ Art Of Burning Water)
Tue May 3: Lille, France – La Malterie
Wed May 4: Antwerp, Belgium – Music City (w/ Passenger Of Shit, Yudlugar, Mulk, Skull Vomit)
Thu May 5: Maastricht, Netherlands – Landbouwbelang (w/ Art Of Burning Water)
Fri May 6: Basel, Switzerland – Schwarze Erle
Sat May 7: Delemont, Switzerland – Grinding Delemont Festival
Sun May 8: Geneva, Switzerland – Cave 12 (w/ Horacio Pollard)
Mon May 9: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – LAC (w/ Horacio Pollard)
Tue May 10: Tübingen, Germany – Epplehaus
Thu May 12: Linz, Austria – Kapu (w/ Atta)
Fri May 13: Kroměříž, Czech Republic – Fčelka Pub
Sat May 14: Budweis, Czech Republic – Velbloud
Sun May 15: Bratislava, Slovakia – Fuga (w/ 0N0)
Mon May 16: Budapest, Hungary – DRRPNC (w/ Protoplazma)
Tue May 17: Lovčica-Trubín, Slovakia – Pohoda Pub (w/ Sedem Minút Strachu)
Wed May 18: Ostrava, Czech Republic – Plan B
Thu May 19: Hranice, Czech Republic – Rehearsal space
Fri May 20: Pardubice, Czech Republic – DUB Art Gallery
Sat May 21: Prague, Czech Republic – 007
Sun May 22: Berlin, Germany – ACUD
Sat Jun 4: Stavanger, Norway – Consul80 (w/ Golden Spiral)



Mar 19: Stavanger, Norway – Tou Scene (w/ Batalj, Horacio Pollard, Skadne Krek)
May 30: Stavanger, Norway – Consul80 (w/ Martin Bisi)
Jun 5: Oslo, Norway – Blitz (w/ Horacio Pollard, No Balls, Noxagt)
Nov 13: Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan – Bush Bash (w/ Ozigiri, Ruins alone, Spacegrinder, Zothique, 注射針混入豚)
Nov 14: Uguisudani, Tokyo, Japan – What’s Up (w/ Oniku, Punsuca, Sete Star Sept)
Nov 15: Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan – Morgana (w/ Broiler, Deche-Charge, Final Exit, Fortitude, Napalm Death Is Dead+Leecher, Punkuboi+Spacegrinder, Sedem Minút Strachu, UxDxMx, ゆれつずける)


Mar 29: Stavanger, Norway – Consul80
May 14: Oslo, Norway – Endless Tinnitus
May 16: Tallinn, Estonia – Snakehouse
May 17: Riga, Latvia – Chomsky Bar
May 20: Kaunas, Lithuania – Underground Pub
May 21: Vilnius, Lithuania – XI 20
May 22: Białystok, Poland – ACK Sepularium (w/ Antigama)
May 23: Warszawa, Poland – Klub InDecks (w/ Antigama)
May 24: Skarżysko, Poland – Semafor (w/ Antigama)
May 25: Kraków, Poland – Fabryka (w/ Antigama)
May 26: Brno, Czech Republic – Boro Klub (w/ Batalj)
May 27: Budweis, Czech Republic – Velbloud (w/ Batalj)
May 28: Prague, Czech Republic – Squat Cibulka (w/ Batalj)
May 29: Berlin, Germany – West Germany (w/ Batalj)
May 30: Copenhagen, Denmark – Mayhem
May 31: Malmö, Sweden – Häng Bar
Jun 10: Oslo, Norway – Blitz (w/ Dead Instrument, PLF)
Sep 13: Stavanger, Norway – Consul80 (w/ Golden Statue)
Oct 1: Berlin, Germany – Bei Ruth (w/ Batalj)
Oct 2: Plzen, Czech Republic – Pohoda (w/ Child Abuse)
Oct 3: Budweis, Czech Republic – Kredance (w/ Qui)
Oct 4: Linz, Austria – Kapu (w/ Child Abuse)
Oct 5: Ljubljana, Slovenia – Kino Šiška (w/ Girl Band)
Oct 7: Bologna, Italy – Freakout Club (w/ Conan)
Oct 8: Milan, Italy – Ligera
Oct 9: Geneva, Switzerland – Cave 12
Oct 10: Lyon, France – Gaffer Fest
Oct 11: Toulouse, France – Les Pavillons Sauvages (w/ Freddy the Dyke)
Oct 12: Clermont-Ferrand, France – La Cave Relax (w/ Freddy the Dyke)
Oct 13: Orléans, France – Le 5ème Avenue (w/ Freddy the Dyke)
Oct 14: Paris, France – La Cantine De Belleville (w/Archagathus, Freddy the Dyke, Six Brew Bantha)
Oct 15: Metz, France – La Chaouée (w/ Freddy the Dyke)
Oct 16: Brussels, Belgium – Magasin 4 (w/ Dead Instrument, Dogmatist)
Oct 17: Eindhoven, Netherlands – Bloodshed Fest
Oct 18: Amsterdam, Netherlands – OCCII
Oct 19: Rotterdam, Netherlands – WORM (w/ Child Abuse)
Oct 21: Copenhagen, Denmark – Bumzen (w/ Dead Instrument, Dogmatist)


Jul 1: Stavanger, Norway – Consul80 (w/ Freddy the Dyke, Horacio Pollard)
Oct 1: Stavanger, Norway – Cementen (w/ Tralten Eller Utpult)
Nov 9: Oslo, Norway – Barrikaden
Nov 10: Bergen, Norway – Landmark