Zkum-Vræl – European tour 2022

Thu Jun 16: Copenhagen, DK – Korsgade 30

Fri Jun 17: Hamburg, DE – Kleingartenverein Sommerfreude

Sat Jun 18: Berlin, DE – Trxxxtr

Sun Jun 19: Leipzig, DE – Gleiserei

Mon Jun 20: Budweis, CZ – Světadílna

Tue Jun 21: Vienna, AT – Venster99

Wed Jun 22: Budapest, HU – Gólya

Thu Jun 23: Bratislava, SK – Garáže

Fri Jun 24: Ostrava, CZ – Provoz

Sat Jun 25: Poznań, PL – Pawilon

Sun Jun 26: Szczecin, PL – CK Krzywy Gryf


Zkum-Vræl is an industrial noise rock electrogrind duo from Norway consisting of:

* Zkum aka Zhaman ranietzuZ (Brutal Blues, PSUDOKU, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, BxSxRx) on guitar, vocals, sampler

* Vræl aka Zaint zodiak von zubruH on vocals and electronics

“50% shallow entertainment and 50% barbaric torture, causing me to fluctuate at 3245234543 BPM between the only significant states in life: boredom and orgasm. I am writing this from my prison cell, serving my second week of a 20 year sentence for a crime I did not commit. I would much rather complete my unjustifiable and illegal punishment than witness Zkum-Vræl do their thing again.”

-Former Amazon warehouse employee
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