The development of futuristic 70s progressive grind continues, and this time surf rock, doom and electronic classical is incorporated. This is progressive grind that has time travelled backwards an entire year from the future.

01. KCultraVIII_8000 (1:50)
02. KATASTROFALEjusteringer (4:45)
03. hq_[LQ] (2:26)
04. spaceBURIEALiz_9 (1:57)
05. ZpRNVphNtz (2:46)
06. TODesprog_3000 (2:06)
07. KRISEzettinx.PCM (3:42)
08. EDB-doom (2:09)
09. KOSMISQUE_trapp (3:35)

Total 25:16


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  1. Dylan W says:

    Thanks for postingg this

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