May 14: Oslo, Norway – Endless Tinnitus
May 16: Tallinn, Estonia – Snakehouse
May 17: Riga, Latvia – Chomsky Bar
May 20: Kaunas, Lithuania – Underground Pub
May 21: Vilnius, Lithuania – XI 20
May 22: Białystok, Poland – ACK Sepularium (w/ Antigama)
May 23: Warszawa, Poland – Klub InDecks (w/ Antigama)
May 24: Skarżysko, Poland – Semafor (w/ Antigama)
May 25: Kraków, Poland – Fabryka (w/ Antigama)
May 26: Brno, Czech Republic – Boro Klub (w/ Batalj)
May 27: Budweis, Czech Republic – Velbloud (w/ Batalj)
May 28: Prague, Czech Republic – Squat Cibulka (w/ Batalj)
May 29: Berlin, Germany – West Germany (w/ Batalj)
May 30: Copenhagen, Denmark – Mayhem
May 31: Malmö, Sweden – Häng Bar
Jun 10: Oslo, Norway – Blitz (w/ Dead Instrument, PLF)
Sep 13: Stavanger, Norway – Consul80 (w/ Golden Statue)
Oct 1: Berlin, Germany – Bei Ruth (w/ Batalj)
Oct 2: Plzen, Czech Republic – Pohoda (w/ Child Abuse)
Oct 3: Budweis, Czech Republic – Kredance (w/ Qui)
Oct 4: Linz, Austria – KAPU (w/ Child Abuse)
Oct 5: Ljubljana, Slovenia – Kino Šiška (w/ Girl Band)
Oct 7: Bologna, Italy – Freakout Club (w/ Conan)
Oct 8: Milan, Italy – Ligera
Oct 9: Geneva, Switzerland – Cave 12
Oct 10: Lyon, France – Gaffer Fest
Oct 11: Toulouse, France – Les Pavillons Sauvages (w/ Freddy the Dyke)
Oct 12: Clermont-Ferrand, France – La Cave Relax (w/ Freddy the Dyke)
Oct 13: Orléans, France – Le 5ème Avenue (w/ Freddy the Dyke)
Oct 14: Paris, France – La Cantine De Belleville (w/ Freddy the Dyke, Six Brew Bantha, Archagathus)
Oct 15: Metz, France – La Chaouée (w/ Freddy the Dyke)
Oct 16: Brussels, Belgium – Magasin 4 (w/ Dead Instrument, Dogmatist)
Oct 17: Eindhoven, Netherlands – Bloodshed Fest
Oct 18: Amsterdam, Netherlands – OCCII
Oct 19: Rotterdam, Netherlands – Worm (w/ Child Abuse)
Oct 21: Copenhagen, Denmark – Bumzen (w/ Dead Instrument, Dogmatist)

Booking: deathicbooking at zkam dot org

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