Parlamentarisk Sodomi’s second album has been re-released on cassette. Here you have anti-hits like “Jevn Oslo Med Jorda” and the 10 minute grindcore opus “Klæbukrønikene”. It also includes all six songs from the first PS 7″ EP as bonus tracks. Please email your order with your address to parlamentarisk [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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    • Jaider says:

      He begnis with a lie, saying four years ago THIS PRESIDENT took…. OOOPS… try again… Four years ago this CONGRESS…. Yes, that’s the truth, they voted for the Iraq war. I am sick of white-flag-waving retreat-in-defeat elected officials blaming President Bush for their vote!

  1. Torrence says:

    Har inget med det här att göra men ni ser väldigt tvlgeira ut allihop på Ombudsmannabloggens bild

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